Are you being Kept AWAKE at Night by NOISES in the ROOF?

If you can answer a couple of question, I'll be able to help you determine exactly what's scratching and running around disrupting your life. The solution then will be obvious.

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Mr Possum

About Mr Possum

Mr Possum has been restoring sleep to home owners by stopping possums getting into roofs for the past 8 years. In saying that, possums never cease to amaze with their ingenuity and persistence when it comes to getting into properties. We fully guarantee that when your property has been possum proofed, they won't get back in.


"We have used Russ from Mr Possum on several occasions (for different properties) and have always been highly impressed with the service offered. He not only removes the possums (without harming them in any way), but his follow up service over a period of days, as well as his 12 month guarantee, ensures that they are kept away. In addition to this, Russ's service is prompt, efficient and he is a great communicator - making sure that you know what is going on and what to expect at all times. The cost of possum removal is also very reasonable and surprisingly low - especially considering the service given and guarantees offered. I particularly appreciated the follow up phone calls from him to make sure that we hadn't heard back from these noisy party animals. Now at least it is only the kids and dog waking me throughout the night!

Even if you only have a sneaking suspicion you have possums, i would highly, highly recommend getting in contact with Mr Possum. This man knows possums!"

Natasha Ponton
Jane Smith

We thoroughly recommend Mr Possum. The service was prompt, thorough, and thankfully most successful. Our unwanted resident was evicted painlessly overnight and we are confident he will not be bothering us again. Russell has a thorough knowledge of the habits of possums and was wonderful to deal with. He was very obliging and gave us useful advice over the phone. It is always satisfying to deal with the owner and manager of a business rather than sub-contractors who do not bother following up and have no interest in customer satisfaction.

Damian & Maria M
Shane Melaugh