Lights in your roof to deter possums

Do lights in your roof deter possums?

There is a bit of a theory getting around that “if you turn a light on in your ceiling, it will stop possums from living in there”

The truth is that, yes it will, for about 15 minute or until you go back down and settle into bed and then it will start up again.

I have spoken to thousands of people over the years and many have asked me about whether or not it works. They then usually go on to say they have tried it and the result was………….well I was there talking to them about stopping the possums getting into their roof.

I think I might have mentioned this before, but in my experience the only LEGAL way to stop the possum noises in your roof is to find the entry point and seal it up with a material that can’t be chewed through, pulled out, ripped down or broken.

Sorry to break that news to you but NO turning on a light in a ceiling won’t stop possums from getting into your roof.