Rats in Roof

Rats in Roofs

Rats in roof are particularly bad when it comes to the damage they cause to insulation, electrical wiring and electrical hardware like transformers and junction boxes.

Rats in roof can be an expensive problem if left alone for to long. They burrow into the insulation to make their nests and breed, they chew wiring and electrical junction units and they bring food and scraps back into the roof. Make sure you don’t let rats stay in your roof. Be sure you don’t have any other animal in your roof first then get rid of them.

You have a couple of options

  1. Rat baiting
  2. Rat traps – manual and

When you are looking to solve the noise problem in your roof, first make sure you are only dealing with rats and you don’t have a possum in the roof as well. Once you’re sure there are no possums you can then use your preferred method of getting rid of rats.

Often what is required is an initial de-infestation and then a maintenance program to keep them away in the long term. This can be in the form of rat bait stations around the property or setting the electronic rat traps in places that are in areas where rats travel, they are slightly higher maintenance but you will always know where the dead rat is.


Possum removal works again

Successful possum proofing

Possum removal is successful

Possums can be very persistent when and after they have been prevented from getting into its home. In this case the possum was seen to be working out whether he could get back in.

The possum removal  and sealing of the hole was performed the night before and the next day this is what we observed.

How do you get possums in your roof

Roof damage

How do possums get in

Roof damagePossums are crafty little things and can get in via any little hole they can find.

They go around every night sticking their nose in and poking around to see if there is a weak point that may allow them access.

They will then chew and scratch and see if they can get in.

With a bit of effort they can often force their way in.

Maintenance is the key

The way to keep on top of them is to do regular maintenance checks to ensure you have no loose or broken tiles, rotted or decaying timber (particularly the fascia and barge boards)

Limit access to the roof by trimming back trees close to the house.


Possums in Roofs

Possum removal Brisbane

Possum Removal Brisbane

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Possum removal Brisbane

Possum removal is so important

Get rid of possum noises in roofs

The noises you here there are of one possum trying to warn off another who happens to be intruding. This is usually at its worst around breeding time when males go looking for a partner and well I think you know the rest.

This is why possum removal Brisbane is so important because what follows these noises is usually a fight or at least some frantic chasing one another around inside the roof. Often the result is that down lights get pushed out and the dust and stuff in the ceiling comes out with it, making a mess everywhere.

If this goes on, possums will start to take liberties that we as house holders don’t want. Urinating and defecating everywhere in the ceiling.

Possums in Southport roofs

Why possums love Southport roofs

The age of houses in and around Southport helps the ever alert possums gain entry into the roof.  The size of a hole required to let a possum in, is only about the size of your fist and when they get their head in their body will follow.

Once they get in you will definitely know about it. If you have a  possum in roof you can tell by the heavy running through and jumping with the scratching and chewing noises that sound like someone has a chainsaw up there.

If you have a Possum in your roof or you hear noises that are keeping you awake at night, they need to be investigated. There are a couple of possibilities if it isn’t a possum but if there is a chance it is a possum make sure to have it checked out by a professional so you don’t do any harm.

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Possum removal directory of  areas around Southport where we deal with possums in roofs:

  • labrador
  • ashmore
  • parklands
  • arundel
  • molendinar
  • nerang
  • paciffic


  • gaven
  • helensvale
  • oxenford
  • coomera
  • carara
  • benowa
  • bundall
  • coombabah
  • paradise point
  • hollywell
  • all areas on the Gold Coast

Lights in your roof to deter possums

Do lights in your roof deter possums?

There is a bit of a theory getting around that “if you turn a light on in your ceiling, it will stop possums from living in there”

The truth is that, yes it will, for about 15 minute or until you go back down and settle into bed and then it will start up again.

I have spoken to thousands of people over the years and many have asked me about whether or not it works. They then usually go on to say they have tried it and the result was………….well I was there talking to them about stopping the possums getting into their roof.

I think I might have mentioned this before, but in my experience the only LEGAL way to stop the possum noises in your roof is to find the entry point and seal it up with a material that can’t be chewed through, pulled out, ripped down or broken.

Sorry to break that news to you but NO turning on a light in a ceiling won’t stop possums from getting into your roof.

How to keep a possum out of your roof

inquisitive possum in Brisbane

Possums in Roof

The first thing you know is that they are thundering around like a football team.

So you find yourself up fixing the hole where you think they might be getting in.

Ahhhhh, silence at last. The first night is great, a fantastic sleep.

Night 2 the same.

Night 3 …………….. that noise, chewing, thumping.

The little bugger is back, How did it get back in?

HOW DID THEY GET BACK IN? The number of times I have seen this and heard those words…………well.

I have seen them chew through wood, fibro, chicken wire, lead flashing and there probably some things I haven’t seen.

I recently seen a possum removal job in Brisbane where the same possum has chewed through 3 different areas of the house one had been previously repaired with chicken wire.

The secret is, to use a material that they can’t chew through. Seal the hole and screw it to the timber work or metal work.

I have seen too many instances where repairs have been done by gluing or stapling wire to the wood work. Simply doesn’t last long enough.

What deters Possums eating gardens

The problem with possums is that they don’t seem to be deterred for any length of time by anything.

Studies by Deakin University where they used a controlled test looking to see what would stop possums eating gardens. They tested 14 products some natural some commercially available. They acted on 2 senses, the sense of taste and those which act on the sense of smell.

Using 7 of each, the bottom line is that none of the products were totally effective. After a while they just ate the test sample anyway.

The same thing goes for stopping them getting into your roof. If some changes from what they’re used to, they will just watch what is happening and if they see that nothing is going to harm them they will resume their normal routine. The only way to stop them getting in is to physically block the holes after they have gone out.

Get rid of possums from your roof

Myth #1 Leave a light on in your ceiling

The number of times I hear people say, “I’ve tried everything”, left lights on in the roof, you know how it goes.

Can I just say one thing? When a possum decides to make your roof its home, a light in your roof isn’t going to stop it.

If a possum can adapt to urban environments they can surely adapt to a light. You see they will just sit and watch and if nothing moves they resume business as usual.

There have been many contraptions set up in the roof to try and stop possums from getting in or staying around inside your roof. But I’m affraid this one doesn’t work.