How to keep a possum out of your roof

inquisitive possum in Brisbane

Possums in Roof

The first thing you know is that they are thundering around like a football team.

So you find yourself up fixing the hole where you think they might be getting in.

Ahhhhh, silence at last. The first night is great, a fantastic sleep.

Night 2 the same.

Night 3 …………….. that noise, chewing, thumping.

The little bugger is back, How did it get back in?

HOW DID THEY GET BACK IN? The number of times I have seen this and heard those words…………well.

I have seen them chew through wood, fibro, chicken wire, lead flashing and there probably some things I haven’t seen.

I recently seen a possum removal job in Brisbane where the same possum has chewed through 3 different areas of the house one had been previously repaired with chicken wire.

The secret is, to use a material that they can’t chew through. Seal the hole and screw it to the timber work or metal work.

I have seen too many instances where repairs have been done by gluing or stapling wire to the wood work. Simply doesn’t last long enough.