Rats in Roofs

Rats in roof are particularly bad when it comes to the damage they cause to insulation, electrical wiring and electrical hardware like transformers and junction boxes.

Rats in roof can be an expensive problem if left alone for to long. They burrow into the insulation to make their nests and breed, they chew wiring and electrical junction units and they bring food and scraps back into the roof. Make sure you don’t let rats stay in your roof. Be sure you don’t have any other animal in your roof first then get rid of them.

You have a couple of options

  1. Rat baiting
  2. Rat traps – manual and

When you are looking to solve the noise problem in your roof, first make sure you are only dealing with rats and you don’t have a possum in the roof as well. Once you’re sure there are no possums you can then use your preferred method of getting rid of rats.

Often what is required is an initial de-infestation and then a maintenance program to keep them away in the long term. This can be in the form of rat bait stations around the property or setting the electronic rat traps in places that are in areas where rats travel, they are slightly higher maintenance but you will always know where the dead rat is.


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